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      ALBION defines beautiful skin as
      Translucent and Supple Skin

      These 4 factors represent the skin’s natural functions.
      When they are in a satisfactory condition, the skin is healthy.

      • Poreless and smooth
      • Optimum moisture balance: Moisturized and soft to touch
      • Contorolled melanin production: Even skin tone
      • Good blood circulation: Good complexion
      Among 4 factors, Moisture Balance is the most important for beautiful skin. This is because the right moisture balance will lead to:
      • Skin becomes soft.
      • Moisture retention capability improves.
      • The skin’s barrier function is enhanced.

      Skin with good stratum corneum moisture balance
      * Schematic illustration

      Replenishing the skin with what it needs, in order of need.
      The way to achieve ideal beauty, complete with clarity and suppleness, is to replenish the skin with what it needs at just the right moment.

      4 STEP Daily Care

      STEP 1Remove & Clean
      Removes makeup and impurities on the skin cells to make the skin clean.
      STEP 2Balance & Prepare
      (Balancing Milk)
      By restoring an optimum moisture balance, enhances the further moisture absorption.
      ALBION milk lotions for STEP2

      Healthy moisture balance of the stratum corneum

      ALBION milk lotion

      "Well-balanced moisture" is what the skin needs most after washing.
      ALBION milk lotions are designed not to coat the skin’s surface but to condition the stratum corneum moisture balance. This is why they are formulated to resemble the moisture balance of the stratum corneum in a healthy condition.
      STEP 3Stimulate & Hydrate
      (Essence Lotion)
      Regulates skin texture while hydrating.
      STEP 4Active & Retain
      Activates the skin function and locks in moisture and active agents for youthful and vibrant skin.
      Replenishing freshly washed skin with the moisture it needs is the most helpful intervention to soften the skin, facilitating the permeation of skincare products to follow.


      Restores the skin’s moisture balance and promotes transparent and soft skin.
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