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      Uniqueness of ALBION

      ALBION has ascended to its position through distinctions in three crucial areas:
      Product development
      Human resource development
      A distribution network limited to specialty shops

      The power of product development

      ALBION’S greatest strength of all is its ability to develop high-quality products based on original ideas responsive to the needs of customers. Once the concepts are developed, ALBION applies outstanding technologies to bring them to life.

      Superb human resource development

      Various educational programs are provided to the people who engage in marketing and sales inside and outside the company. Our human resource development activities focus not only on knowledge and technology, but also hospitality in customer service.

      Distribution network limited to specialty shops

      ALBION limits its business to department stores and shops specialized in the retailing of cosmetics. We only use distribution channels suitable for high-grade products, without ever relying on mass marketing. Consumers experience the value of ALBION products through counseling-based marketing and sales.

      Important Announcement

      Regarding the sales rules of ALBION products

      We are unable to take any responsibility for products that are purchased from unauthorised retailers.
      Thank you for your understanding.

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