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      Corporate name ALBION Co., Ltd.
      The President and Chief Executive Officer Shoichi Kobayashi
      Establishment March 2, 1956

      Hulic Ginza bldg., 7-10, Ginza 1-chome, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0061

      Sub office:
      Ginza First bldg., 10-6, Ginza 1-chome, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0061

      Sapporo, Aomori, Sendai, Chiba, Omiya, Tokyo, The department store east area, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka, The department store west area, Kobe, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Kitakyushu, and Fukuoka
      ALBION Cosmetics (UK Branch)

      Saitama, Tokyo

      Distribution center:
      Saitama, Hiroshima

      Education center:

      R&D center:
      Chuo-Ku, Tokyo / Minato-Ku, Tokyo / Akita / Sri Lanka

      Business Manufacturing and distribution of premium cosmetics
      Development / Manufacture of skin care, make-up, fragrance, hair care, etc. and distribution to prestige department stores and exclusive cosmetics stores throughout Japan.
      Group companies IGNIS CO., LTD. (IGNIS cosmetics)
      ALBION Cosmetics (America), Inc.
      ALBION Cosmetics (HK) Limited
      ALBION Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
      ALBION Cosmetics (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

      ALBION CO., LTD.
      ALBION Cosmetics (UK Branch)

      UK Tax Strategy

      Albion is a world leader in the manufacture of premium cosmetics. The group operates in many countries around the world, including the UK.
      Tax Planning
      We engage in tax planning that is aligned with our commercial business activities and ensure we are compliant with relevant tax laws and disclosure requirements in the UK and other jurisdictions in which we operate. Any tax planning undertaken has commercial and economic substance and the Albion Group does not engage in any artificial tax arrangements.
      Where appropriate, to increase understanding of relevant tax laws and disclosure requirement, the group, including the UK branch seek advice from external advisors.
      Tax Risk appetite
      Our tax arrangements are based on our commercial business objectives and economic activities and consequently we do not engage in schemes for the purpose of tax avoidance activities.
      Our risk of UK tax is only range of common commercial transaction. Furthermore, local Management, as well as Management of the Albion Group proactively seek to identify, manage and monitor tax risk around the Group to ensure that risk is minimized to an acceptable level.
      Relationship with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
      Our group conducts itself as an honest and responsible tax payer. We endeavor to provide accurate and informative documentation and work collaboratively with HMRC, should any issues arise.
      UK Tax Risk Management & Governance
      The Director of International Business governs our approach to tax, with input from the Branch Manager, the International Business Division and the Accounting and Finance Department.
      The Board are consulted with on issues, and approve the group’s tax strategy and risk management policy.
      We also manage group company internal control with appropriate guidelines.
      We conduct our business with integrity and endeavor to seek external advice where appropriate.


      1956 Founded in Ginza, Tokyo
      1970 Established training center in Sendagaya, Shibuya
      1987 Established COSMETICS CREATION PARIS CO., LTD.
      1996 Established IGNIS CO., LTD.
      1998 Began production of ANNA SUI COSMETICS
      2002 Began production of PAUL & JOE BEAUTE
      2002 Constructed and opened Kumagaya Plant
      2007 Established ALBION Shirokane Training Center
      2010 Established Shirakami Laboratory in Fujisato, Akita
      2012 Began production of Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE
      2013 Established Higashi-Nihonbashi Laboratory in Higashi-Nihonbashi, Tokyo
      2014 Established Institute of Traditional Plants in Sri Lanka in collaboration with Tokyo University of Agriculture.
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